I had the great pleasure to work with Gerrie during her time in SHV Energy. From day one Gerrie made a huge difference to the global HR activities in our company, improving processes, structures and development programs. We worked together on many recruiting processes for senior positions in Europe and Overseas and I always appreciated her great ability to „read“ people and to identify the best suited candidate. Gerrie also was a great support in larger restructuring processes where her broad international experience resulted in very valuable guidance. I experienced Gerrie always as a manager with strong values and as a person of highest integrity. 

Michael Kossack
Management Board Member SHV Energy

 Gerrie is a highly competent HR professional that is skilled in providing cogent yet practical HR advice to executive and managerial level clients. She is a very passionate and dedicated individual who gives her utmost to achieve agreed upon goals. She can be counted on to reliably deliver on her assignments and goals. Her inputs to developing HR goals that support the business are very effective in allowing the business to develop its personnel development plans for its senior leaders. I strongly recommend Gerrie to any organization that needs an effective and highly focused HR leader. 

PJ Babaoglu
Johnson & Johnson

 BEST HR Partner EVER!! When we were forming a multicultural, inter-departmental, inter-division group for a new project, one of the key positions was to fill the Human Resources lead. Gerrie came with high recommendation and from day 1 made a great impact. As part of the core team she brought an insight and excellent guidance to select, develop and form the larger team and then when the time came to set up a brand new HR function. Her attention to detail and concern for both individual well being and the team dynamics with a strong acumen for good business practices were crucial for the success of the venture. Gerrie continues to be a mentor I turn to for guidance, and not just in issues regarding human resources. 

Raymond Augustin
Owner Contracts